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First of all, the resume should indicate the purpose for which you applied to the employer. This section is a preface of the summary. To create a positive impression about yourself and not to “scare away” the person reading your resume, from the very first lines, take some time to write this section. The purpose of the summary should be brief and should not exceed two or three lines.

Your goal is to focus on the employer and his or her needs. Do not write about yourself and your career goals. You can do this during the interview. Avoid phrases such as: "looking for an opportunity to improve" or "where my skills will be used," or "for my future career." As an example, see sample resumes.

For some people, writing a resume resume can be a sticking point. This is due to the fact that they are trying to create a resume that is rather “flexible”, which would suit any job and, as a result, would not fully correspond to their professional skills and work experience.

As stated earlier, you should focus on the specific job and position you are applying for. In the purpose of the resume, you must indicate to employers what specific job you are applying for, and not force them to think about a job that would suit you.

Second in importance (and in order) in the summary, is the section of work experience.