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Resume - is your main "tool" when looking for work. The main purpose of the resume: to force the employer to invite you for an interview.

If the goal is achieved, then the summary is correct. If this does not happen, then we can assume that your resume is ineffective and needs to be improved.

It must convince the employer that by accepting you to work, he will acquire a highly qualified specialist in a particular area who will help in achieving the goals set for the company. Since a resume is a brief description of your work, it should be compiled in such a way as to arouse the interest and desire of the employer to get to know you better in person.

Structure, main blocks and summary items

Contact Information

In this section, the following must be indicated:

surname, name, patronymic name (in large and bold type);

Date of Birth;

contact details: area of residence, contact phone number, email address.

Purpose of the summary

The main purpose of the resume is job placement according to the vacancy declared by the employer. Therefore, in this section, you must write the exact title of the position for which you are applying.

When writing, blurry wording is not allowed (for example: “I am ready to consider all possible options” or “I am interested in the work that corresponds to my education”), as well as indicating several posts at once. This can be misleading for your employer and greatly reduce your chances of a successful job.

In a word: do not make the employer think for you


In this section, you must indicate the basic and additional education you received (except for the school): the name of the institution, faculty, specialty, period of study (in additional education: name of the course, seminar, training, internship, etc.)

If you have received several entities, then they must be listed in reverse chronological order, starting with the last.

If at the moment you get an education, then you must specify the year of graduation.

Also in this section of the summary, you can list your regalia and achievements in the learning process (certificates, diplomas, awards, etc.).

Work experience

In this section, when writing a resume, you need to focus on, because it is the main one. It is necessary to provide accurate and reliable information about your past work activity.

When writing it is necessary to avoid overestimation of their professional merits.

Outline only the facts relating to your immediate professional duties, and provide an opportunity for the employer to draw the necessary conclusions.

Summary Guidelines

Make a resume, based on the requirements of the employer

Focus precisely on those professional skills that are necessary to fill the selected job, even if your qualifications are much higher.

You should not make one resume for all occasions, and even less to send it without changes and modifications to different organizations. Each option must be approached individually and modified resume, based on those professional qualities that will be appreciated at the new place of work.

Specify in the resume only the minimum wage.

Specifying in the resume the desired level of remuneration is a delicate matter. Until the end of the interview, the employer can not fully assess your abilities and thereby assess your "cost".

In this regard, if you write about the salary, we recommend indicating only its minimum level, to which you agree, and always with a note that it is minimal.

Do not overstate the bar. Too high a minimum wage can scare an employer.

Specify a minimum of personal information.

When writing a resume, focus on professional skills and qualities and write about your personal life as little as possible. This will allow the employer to see in you a business person. For example, it is not worthwhile to write any autobiographical data in the resume, to indicate personal interests, hobbies, hobbies, one way or another not related to the intended work.

The best option would be to write at the end of a summary of two or three hobbies that show your active life position (for example, sports, active recreation, etc.).